Visión de futuro de la AAVMC

Publican reporte sobre la visión del futuro de la Medicina Veterinaria, de la Asociación Americana (norteamericana) de Facultades de Medicina Veterinaria.


This report of the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges’ 2006 Foresight Project, developed under the leadership of an AAVMC Steering Committee, drew on the experience, imagination, and energetic participation of more than 95 participants from across the United States and Canada.

The environment of veterinary medicine is one of profound change. The current number of veterinarians is inadequate to address the present and future needs of society. To remain relevant, academic veterinary medicine must prepare veterinarians for what may come in the future. In order to be recognized and remunerated for their knowledge, compassion, integrity, and judgment, veterinarians must first demonstrate their relevance to new societal trends.

The objective of the study reported here was to determine a future direction for academic veterinary medicine using Foresight technology. The tools employed were challenge questions and the development of eight future possible scenarios. The study supported the need for change. This report recommends an adaptive and responsive system of veterinary medical education, achieved by defining those areas of professional focus that would address all the anticipated needs of society. An area of professional focus signifies a pathway leading to a DVM degree. Colleges would choose to offer selected areas of professional focus most appropriate to their capabilities, according to a binational plan. Veterinary medicine is integral to the well-being of any future society. This is a pivotal moment for the veterinary profession and for veterinary medical education. Leadership, collaboration, and a shared vision will determine the destiny of the profession.

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